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For the past 20 years, Daxpoo has provided customized power solutions for electronics manufacturers around the world. Our product range includes custom voltage and current output, custom plugs and wires, and products manufactured to meet medical and household grades, which have passed global certifications according to client requirements.

Whether your product requirements comply with certain safety regulations or require complex performance integration, we can assist you in developing power solutions with scalability and dedicated local design support. Our engineers will collaborate with your technical team throughout the development process to ensure that our products meet your mechanical, electrical, and firmware requirements.

Production Overview

  • 20 Years of Technical Expertise
  • Ample Design Resources
  • Complete Supplier Chain System
  • Short Project Timelines
  • Strict Product Testing System
  • Stringent Safety Requirements

Custom Power Solutions

1. Mechatronics Design
2. PCB Design and Software Programming
3. Safety Compliance, Quality, and Testing
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