Replacement Charger for HP Laptop 19.5v 3.33a 4.5x3.0

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Product Category: Laptop Charger


  • DC Output: 19.5V 3.33A 65W
  • Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Connector Size:4.5*3.0mm, 3 prongs
  • Color Black,
  • Weight: about 0.81lb, 47inch

Compatible P/NPPP009L-E, PA-1650-32HE, 709985-001, 710412-001, PPP009C, 709985-002, PPP009D, 709985-003, 714657-001 740015-002, 741727-001, TPN-LA03, 845611-001, PA-1450-56HA, 845836-850, HSTNN-CA40, 719309-003, 721092-001, 719309-001, 740015-001

This product is good for all the following Models and Part#

For HP Laptop:

HP 740015-001 740015-002 740015-003 PPP009C
HP 19.5V 2.31A 45W 740015-004 741727-001 4.5*3.0mm
HP Chromebook 14 G3 TPN-Q152
14-x010ca 14-x010wm 14-x013dx 14-x015wm 14-x030nr 14-x010nr 14-x050nr 14-x040nr 14-q000ea
14-q000sa 14-q030sg 14-q002sa 14-q003sa 14-q004sa 14-q005sa 14-Q004TU 14-q005tu 14-q010nr
14-q020nr 14-q030ea 14-q030sa 14-q030ea 14-q030sa14-q030ef 14-q031ef 14-q030nr 14-q070nr 14-q032ef
HP Chromebook 11 G3 TPN-Q151
11-2101tu 11-2110nr

HP 15-R132WM 15.6″ Laptop

HP Part Number:
693715-001, 709985-002, 710412-001, 714149-001, 714149-002, 714149-003, 714158-001, 714657-001, AD9043-022G2, HSTNN-CA15, HSTNN-DA15, HSTNN-LA15, PA-1650-34HE, PPP009C, PPP009D 719309-001 719309-003 721092-001 740015-001 740015-002 740015-003 741727-001 741427-001 A045R07DH HSTNN-DA35 HSTNN-LA35 HSTNN-CA40 HSTNN-DA40 HSTNN-LA40 ADP-45WD B ADP-45FE B PA-1450-36HE PA-1650-32HE

Compatible List

HP Envy Touchsmart 14-k00tx, 14-k002tx, 14-k047tx, 14-n027tx, 14-n032tx, 14-n029tx, 15-n018tx HP 15-R011dx HP 15-r015dx HP 15-r017dx HP 15-R018dx
Pavilion Sleekbook Ts-e011au, Ts 14-k031tx

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